Joakim Andersson researches how vehicle information can be used better

Joakim researches how vehicle information can be used better

​New Doctoral student at TME, autumn 2016: Joakim Andersson works at Volvo, and could not resist the offer to conduct research at Chalmers. Now, he will ensure that vehicle data is used better in the planning process for the aftermarket.
​Joakim Andersson is an Industrial doctoral Student at Chalmers TME, Supply and Operations Management, and connected to the logistics center Northern Lead.

Tell us about your research!

My research is about how to utilize vehicle information in the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) aftermarket process. Currently, there are a lot of information that could contribute to improved planning efficiency, but this is just briefly used. This area includes problems such as; install base of vehicles, how the vehicles are utilized, life cycle of the vehicles, bill of material and interpretation of error codes from the vehicle sensors. 

Why is this so exciting?

Traditional Supply Chain Planning methods have been used for decades and there are not so much more potential in fine tuning these. Consequently, the area of using new type of data in the SCP-process has a great opportunity of increasing the planning efficiency. Particularly since this area is fairly unexplored.

What do you hope your research will lead to?

The goal for my research is to find how vehicle data can enable an improved SCP-process for the aftermarket and which contribution it can provide for the industry. This will hopefully lead to a more efficient utilization of the resources in the Supply Chain, which can contribute both to a higher degree of sustainability and lowering the cost in the supply chains. Furthermore, another benefit could be increased customer benefits.

Why did you choose Chalmers?

It started with an opportunity that my employer (Volvo Group) offered. Since I always have been very interested in learning new things and solving problems, this was an offer to good to resist. Additionally, I´m really interested in the research area. The last couple of years before starting as a PhD student, I have been involved in some activities together with Chalmers. For example, I have been guest lecturer and supervisor of Master thesis, which have increased my interest regarding research.

Tell us a little bit about your background!

I have a long background at Volvo Group (more than 20 years) at various positions. I started after my graduation at Chalmers. During these years, I have been working mostly with development issues within the Supply Chain field, but also as project manager and business consultant.

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