Patrik Fager
Photo: Oscar Mattsson

How should component kits be prepared in production systems

​Guided by the needs of the manufacturing industry, the doctoral student Patrik Fager has examined how the practice of pre-sorting the components to be used in assembly into kits – called kit preparation – can be designed.
The relationship between design and performance of processes for kit preparation in the assembly industry has been the focus of Patrik Fager's doctoral thesis at Chalmers. In the assembly industry, kitting involves supplying components to assembly in kits with pre-sorted components for each assembly object. In his research, Patrik has studied how various aspects of the process by which kits are prepared, such as work organization, layout, policies, equipment, automation, among others can in turn impact issues of flexibility, kit quality, and man-hour efficiency.

What challenges do you focus on in your research?

My research focuses on how to handle customization of end-products in the materials supply to assembly systems. This is an ever-growing challenge fueled by customer demands from the market.

How do you aim to address the problem with your research?

We have studied how various technologies, equipment, and policies can be used in kit preparation to support its performance.

What do you hope your research will lead to?

I hope that my research leads to new knowledge of how kit preparation design and performance are linked and that it can complement and extend previous knowledge. One example is with respect to how glasses with computer-integrated displays compare with previously used technologies, such as pick-by-light or pick-by-voice systems, when used in kit preparation. Furthermore, I hope that the research can lead to that more of the knowledge and experience from companies who practice kit preparation becomes available to a wider audience and that companies can get new perspectives on how to perform kit preparation.

Text: Carolina Pires Bertuol

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