CORP track insights

​Meet Leon, Corporate Entrepreneurship Track
​"Hello, my name is Leon and I’m currently in the final study period of my first year of the corporate entrepreneurship track. I have a very technical background but realised during my side activities and gap years that what I found to be the biggest problem and also the most fun was dealing with the human aspects in projects and organisations. This education aims to combine different disciplines and the combination of technology and other aspects is something that has really stood out during my time at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

During the first semester we had a project called the Business Creation Lab which consisted of a large project that spun over three different courses. The most prominent example is when we were given 5 biotechnological patents to commercialise. I could understand the technology aspects and the law student in my group could understand what the text actually meant. It’s a silly example but from this it really stood out how quickly it became valuable to have different backgrounds. I have probably learnt more from my various group mates than from the lectures themselves. 

In the current study period, I am taking a course that simulates a company where spontaneous problems occur. In this course we have to manage both the company's projects but also the various people within the company. I feel like this really prepares us for the main point in the introduction of this text, namely how management of people in organisations is a main challenge. One can look at numerous models, but at the end of the day you need to work with the people behind each role within a project. So far, I have been very impressed by this education. I'm really looking forward to the second year where I will get to work with a change management project within a company."

Page manager Published: Fri 03 Jul 2020.