50 years of Management at Chalmers

​Half a century has passed since the doors opened to the subject of industrial management at Chalmers. To celebrate the occasion, Chalmers department of Technology Management and Economics hosted a top-level seminar that addressed the issue of how we can manage more sustainable futures. Prominent Chalmers alumni offered their perspectives on 19 November 2021.
​​Since Industrial Management became a subject at Chalmers around 50 years ago, Sweden has had a large global impact – Volvo safety solutions and AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals are just two examples that have saved millions of lives. Management today includes governance aspects, as well as entrepreneurship and realising more sustainable innovations.

"This seminar takes a long-term perspective in celebrating past achievements, while addressing emerging future developments. It brings together Chalmers alumni, students and faculties to increase our understanding of how we can manage a sustainable future in a better way," explains Professor Mats Lundqvist, F91, who coordinated the seminar as Vice Head of the Department of Technology Management and Economics. Mats has also been involved in starting Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in 1997 and worked as its director. He wants to put more focus on the management topic, both in research and education at Chalmers.

Holger Bohlin
​The pioneer, Professor Holger Bohlin

A leading figure at Chalmers on these issues was Professor Holger Bohlin, who was born a hundred years ago in 1921. He came from the Stockholm School of Economics and in 1969 was appointed Professor of the Department of Industrial Management at Chalmers. In September 1983, Holger gave the welcome speech to the first 30 students on the new Industrial Engineering and Management program: "We will create a symbiosis between technical science and economic know-how, so that you as human beings, will be able to take wise decisions on behalf of the company you are working for". In other words, a management-program. 

Among the speakers at the seminar on 19 November there were five renowned managers with extensive experience around managing more sustainable futures. Together with management scholars, they gave their perspectives on the topic.

Speakers: Jesper Brodin, CEO Ingka Group | IKEA, I95, Anna Nilsson-Ehle, Chairman of Vinnova, SIQ and Lindholmen Science Park, F76, Gustaf Dalén medalist, Leif Johansson, Chairman of Astra-Zeneca, M77, Gustaf Dalén medalist and Anna Westerberg, President Volvo Buses, I00

Text: Avançons no 2/2021
, adaptation: Daniel Karlsson
Photo: Daniel Karlsson, Chalmers and via the speakers

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