Application for supervision

If you have questions regarding the application for supervision please contact​ 

Application spring term 2023 – deadline November 28, 2022 at 23:59​
Application autumn term 2023 – deadline May 29, 2022​ at 23:59

The form​ should be filled in once per degree project, i.e. both students will fill in information in the form (the degree project is carried out in pairs).
Keep in mind that the information provided will be used in decision making guidance. Describe the project as accurately as possible to facilitate the decision-making process.

General information on degree projects and the process

At TME, we apply the following process:

  1. Students apply to write their thesis in pairs, this is done by the end of November or the end of May
  2. The department processes the applications and allocates supervisors/examiners and notifies the students before the start of the semester (lp3/lp1)
  3. Supervisors make first contact with students (lp3/lp1)
  4. Presentation/opposition of the work (May-June/Jan)
  5. Examination

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