Thesis partner wanted

On this page, you will find advertisements from students looking for a partner to carry out a degree project with. These adverts are for projects within the four master’s programmes at the Department of Technology Management and Economics; and högskoleingenjörsprogrammet Ekonomi och produktionsteknik (Industrial Management and Production Engineering)​.

Please send an email to if you would like to place an advertisement on this page.

My name is Selin Özbek and I am a student in Supply Chain Management programme. I am looking for a thesis partner. I am interested in purchasing and logistics. I am a hardworking and compatible person. I am looking forward to working together. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Selin Özbek

Yasin Ibrahim: I am a student at supply chain management in my final year and looking for a Master Thesis Partner to carry out a master’s degree thesis project in spring 2022, within the area of Industrial Engineering and Management: supply chain management, quality, and operation management, management of economics of innovation, design, construction management, production, and related area. Although, I have a certain topic area of interest in an organization, supply chain (logistics ), and efficiency of work. Still, it's open to discussing your specific topic area of interest, you are welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at Yasina Ibrahim

I am Nisha,  student from Quality and operations management looking for a thesis partner - spring 2022. My areas of interest would be quality and operations management, purchasing process, supply chain management, production process, logistics, risk management. Am also open to new and interesting topics  from SCM and MEI. Please don't hesitate to contact me at Nisha Delli Baskaran

My name is Lucas and I’m final year student in the Quality and Operations Management program. Like you, I’m looking for a thesis partner for spring 2022 and have recently taken an interest in digital business transformation / digital trends and would love to have it as a topic for my thesis, ideally for a company if possible! I should note that I’ll be doing an internship between Jan – Feb and will have reduced availability during this period to work on the thesis. However, I’m going with a mindset to pull my own weight and ensure that I make it work! Sounds interesting? If so, hit me up and we can chat over a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice). Lucas Lazaroo

My name is August Jonsson and I am studying the final year at Management and Economics of Innovation and I am currently looking for a thesis partner for the coming spring of 2022. Some examples of topics I have contemplated are blue ocean strategies, managing innovation, and business strategy. I am, however, open to other ideas as well. If this sounds interesting, do not hesitate to contact me at August Johnsson

My name is Henrique Dotto and I am from the Management and Economics of Innovation master program. I am looking for a thesis partner for spring 2022. I am open to a variety of topics within all programs of the department of Technology Management and Economics. What I am most interested in, however, is on any kind of business data analytics. I have done some courses in this field and I am skilful with some of the techniques. If you are also interested in developing a master thesis within data analytics, contact me and let’s talk! Contact me even if you don’t have analytics background. We could be a team with complementary skills: strong domain knowledge + strong data analytics knowledge. Hope to hear from you soon, Henrique Dotto

I am Anna, an Erasmus student from Energy engineering (Polytechnic university of Milan) looking for a thesis partner during the spring semester 2022. My areas of interest are cooperation and development in relation with energy, in particular the link between green technologies and business models applied to the development of rural realities. I am also open to new and interesting topics. (I also have already contacted a possibile supervisor). Please don't hesitate to contact me at Anna Maran


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