Thesis partner wanted

On this page you will find advertisements from students looking for a partner to carry out a Master's degree project with.

These adverts are for projects within the four master’s programmes at the Department of Technology Management and Economics,  i.e. Supply Chain Management (SCM), Management and Economics of Innovation (MEI), Quality and Operations Management (QOM) and Entrepreneurship and Business Design (BD). All master’s thesis projects are to be carried out jointly by two students.
Please send an email to if you would like to place an advertisement on this page.
Wanted: Master’s Thesis Partner


I’m Dery Hefimaputri, last year student of MEI program. Currently, I’m looking for thesis partner. I have wide range of interests ranging from business development, stategy making and change, and social entrepreneurship, so a bit flexible. At the moment, I'm in contact with a company in Indonesia discussing thesis topics probability, but open to any suggestions. Please let me know if you are interested to work together.

Best regards,
Dery Hefimaputri

My name is Hampus Lindvall I study QOM, have a bachelor in Mechanical engineering, and took a gap year between my first and second year of master for an internship in England.
I'm currently talking with a larger company to conduct a study in "Efficient handling of Real Time Process Data and a digital strategy for Industry 4.0".
The topic is wide and open for changes, if you are interested in learning more and doing a paper about this, please contact me on my mail or phone, and we can talk about it over coffee.

Phone: +46707949910



My name is Julia Hallén and I'm currently studying MPPDE (Product Development) and am currectly looking for someone who is interested of doing a joint master thesis on the subject "Development and evaluation of a global plant strategy framework - Handling of production KPI:s to ensure BIW product- and process strategy".

It is a thesis in the boarderline between product development, strategy and production management, and I am looking for someone that is interested of this cross-functional area.

I'm currently on an exchange semester in Italy, so if you find this interesting please send me an email or a message on LinkedIn.


Best regards,

Jag heter Hampus och läser MEI programmet och jag har kommit över ett väldigt intressant projekt med Business Region Göteborg, BRG. Det är ett kommunalt bolag som bistår kunskap och kontakter kostnadsfritt till privatföretagare. Bland annat erbjuder BRG gratis rådgivning till privatföretagare och det är i dessa mötena som vi kan delta och bidra med vår kompetens. Jag kan bidra med kompetens i t.ex. organisatoriskt beteende, innovation, internationella affärsrelationer, operationell planering och kontroll, management och strategi, supply chain. Vi kommer att paras med lämpliga företag med vilka vi kan bedriva utveckling och vi kommer att kunna formulera en frågeställning till rapporten utifrån detta.

Vad tycker du? Vi kanske kan prata över en kaffe?

MVH Hampus


 I am desperately looking for someone to partner with in a master thesis. I am Ishmail Kamara, a student of the Supply Chain Management program. I have my interests but open to other ideas as well. I am also interested in collaborative projects. Interested persons can reach me on the following: and 0707547068.

My regards.
Ishmail Kamara


I’m Bharath Shivanna Gowda, final year master student of Production Engineering program. Currently, I’m looking for a thesis partner either from 'Industry Ecology' or 'Sustainable Energy Systems' masters program under the space, earth and environment department. I have a thesis in hand and looking for a thesis partner from the above mentioned course who is compatible to work with and interested to work on topics based on production aspect and sustainability. Please let me know if you are interested to work together.

Best regards,
Bharath Shivanna Gowda

Published: Tue 12 Jun 2012. Modified: Thu 06 Dec 2018