Thesis partner wanted

On this page, you will find advertisements from students looking for a partner to carry out a degree project with. These adverts are for projects within the four master’s programmes at the Department of Technology Management and Economics; and högskoleingenjörsprogrammet Ekonomi och produktionsteknik (Industrial Management and Production Engineering)​.

Please send an email to if you would like to place an advertisement on this page.


I have studied Supply chain management masters program and I am looking for a partner to write my thesis with (2021). I am also open for suggestions if you have any interesting subjects. If you would like to write your thesis with me, please contact me. Mariam Daebes

I am studying Management and Economics of Innovation and I am now looking for a partner to write my thesis together with this fall (2021). My interests are among others innovation in big organizations, open innovation and organizations, and how technical transitions take place. I have already been in contact with some companies, but I am open for suggestions and do not hesitate to send me an mail if you are looking for a thesis partner too! Jonatan Landin

I am studying Quality and Operations management and am looking for a master thesis partner for fall 2021. I have a wide interest in different topics, mostly in product development or operations improvement. I am pretty malleable, so if you have another specific interest I am more than happy to hear about it! I look forward to your reply! Jasmine Johansson

Page manager Published: Mon 24 May 2021.