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​When COVID cut our wings
​With planes on the ground and society homebound, what is the future of mobility?

In a matter of days, Coronavirus achieved what many climate activists and scientists have spent years striving towards; it brought aviation to a standstill across the globe. As flying flatlined and carbon emissions dropped in Sweden, an industry on the brink cut costs and requested bailouts. Despite the cautious optimism from within the climate community, there are also larger signs of uncertainty for the future of mobility; COVID-19 may have profound implications for not only flying, but also how we travel and move on a daily basis. What may this sudden moment of transformation mean for long-term transitions? Can practices developed or curbed during the pandemic lead to lasting societal norms? Is this simply a momentary lapse in the act of flying and the systems that support it? In this seminar we discuss the role of aviation in the climate transition and explore what may await aviation in a post-corona world.

Maja Rosén, climate activist and the co-founder of the organisation We Stay on the Ground, and the campaign Flight-Free 2020. She is the author of a guide about how to talk about aviation and climate​ and has featured extensively in Swedish and international media on the subject of climate change and aviation, as well as holding a TedX-talk.
  • Stefan Gössling is a professor at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies, Lund University, and the School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University. He works with tourism and transport in the context of sustainability and is specifically interested in climate change, transport policies, transport psychology, and transport economics.
  • Jörgen Larsson is Assistant professor at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment, at Chalmers. His research area is sustainable consumption patterns and in recent years the focus has been on long distance travel with research on methodology for emissions accounting, travel patterns analysis and policy analysis.
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We are truly living in exceptional times, but while we can’t meet in person, we still need to think big and differently about the challenges brought about by far-reaching environmental degradation, social unrest, rapid technology change and, of course, the corona pandemic and the unprecedented global lockdown. During the spring of 2020, we are therefore moving the Transition Talks lunchtime seminar series online, and we hope to see you in Zoom.

Transitions Talks is a seminar series presented by Chalmers Initiative for Innovation and Sustainability Transitions. The organizing team are Kjell Vowles (STS), Maria Blarr (ESA), Gavin McCrory (FRT), Martin Hultman (STS), Hans Hellsmark (ESA) and Frances Sprei (FRT). Click here for more information​.
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Location: Live stream via Zoom!
Starts: 12 June, 2020, 12:00
Ends: 12 June, 2020, 13:00

Published: Wed 17 Jun 2020.