ITS webinar on AI International Impact on Economy and Society

​This webinar examines the current and potential impact of artificial intelligence on the economy and society. 

About the webinar
Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a widespread technology, affecting every aspect of our daily life. Even though it is, as yet, no more than a machine or program performing a narrow range of tasks efficiently, it already does so as well as or even better than humans. Some experts are hailing this spectacular improvement in AI capacity, but others are concerned. AI is a double-edged sword: it can either protect or damage people depending on how it is used. Technologies, including AI, are intrinsically neutral, and it is humans (both developers and users) who determine the purposes to which AI is put. With the help of AI, we can develop new materials and vaccines faster, manage internet traffic more efficiently, and boost production efficiency. AI however can also generate unexpected economic and social turmoil, such as disruptive industrial restructuring entailing unemployment and widening income inequality, malicious use by terrorists, privacy breaches, and violations of human dignity. We are now receiving AI with conflicting emotions, hopes and fears. Humans are especially afraid of AI because it is not just relieving us of long and hard physical labour, but it is also beginning to substitute human intelligence (our brain functions).

The webinar is an initiative of the International Telecommunications Society and Telecommunications Policy, and has Erik Bohlin among the organizers. ​
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Category Seminar
Location: Online event
Starts: 19 November, 2020, 14:00
Ends: 19 November, 2020, 15:30

Published: Fri 16 Oct 2020.