Events: Teknikens ekonomi och organisation events at Chalmers University of TechnologyThu, 13 Dec 2018 13:16:01 +0100,-TME.aspx,-TME.aspxLicentiate seminar Ingrid Svensson, TME<p>Seminar room Avenyn 3363 Vera Sandbergs allé 8</p><p>​Title: Changing practices for public facilities management Discussion leader: Sara Brorström, University of Gothenburg</p> Innovation: Necessary Condition Analysis - Prof. Jan Dul<p>2456 Korsvägen, seminar room,</p><p>​In collaboration between the IMS and TME departments, we are pleased to welcome Professor Jan Dul from Rotterdam School of Management to Chalmers as a seminar speaker.</p><a href="">​<br />Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA): A novel methodology for qualitative and quantitative research</a><br /><br />Professor Dul is a highly esteemed scholar within the Human Factors domain, and he will come to Chalmers to speak about a robust methodology called &quot;Necessary Condition Analysis&quot; (NCA). NCA is based on necessity logic that can be used in small N (qualitative) research such as case studies, and in large N (quantitative/statistical) research, such as survey studies. This logic helps researchers determine how to design and conduct academically sound and practically useful research for theory-building and -testing. <br /><div>This seminar may help many of us who are pursuing ‘engaged scholarship’ in collaboration with practice, and who are looking to generalise knowledge from cases. </div> <br /><div>Prof. Dul will also be available for bilateral talks, and if there is sufficient interest, a follow-up in-depth short course or seminar about NCA may follow  later in the Spring.  </div> <div><br /></div> <div><a href="">Register here &gt;&gt;</a><br /></div> <div><em> Location may change.</em><br /></div> Transformations Gathering<p>Veras gräsmatta, Vera Sandbergs allé 8</p><p>​AR+ Transformations Gathering is a community organizing event, designed by and for those committed to action oriented transformations research.</p><div>​</div> <div>Our gathering convenes a new global community to enable creative interaction around the question of how to do science/learning with stakeholders.</div> <br />If you're engaged in creating transformative knowledge, emphasizing participation, (self-) inquiry, action and deeper values orientation, then you belong! We see our transdisciplinary work not only as an alternative, but also as a complement, to conventional ways of doing &quot;objective&quot; science. We want our research to be more useful in the crises of sustainability; we want our collaborations connected up.<br /><br /><strong>Goals:</strong><br /><ul><li>Open minded program design</li> <li>Bring like hearted communities together</li> <li>Share experience and experiments</li> <li>Showcase Action Research jewels</li> <li>Balance heads, hearts and hands</li></ul> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>Contact:</strong></div> <div><a href="">Patrik Alexandersson</a>, director of Centre for Healthcare Improvement<br /><a href="">Hilary Bradbury</a>, jubilee professor at Chalmers 2018<br /></div> Forum 2019<p>Vera Sandbergs Allé 8, main entrance,</p><p>​Theme: Engagement and Co-creation of knowledge</p>​Welcome to the 6th  International EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum, 18-19 March 2019, in Gothenburg!