Events: Teknikens ekonomi och organisation events at Chalmers University of TechnologyWed, 24 Feb 2021 10:25:46 +0100 Talks 2021<p>Zoom</p><p>​Shifting Urban Diets The complexity of transitioning the food-health-climate-nexus in Copenhagen</p>ånsson.aspx seminar - Stina Månsson<p>Zoom</p><p>​Title: Creating an environmental sustainability profession Discussion leadar: Christina Claeson-Jonsson, Adjunct Professor at Construction Management/Architecture and Civil Engineering , Chalmers</p> Conference on Urban Freight<p>Online</p><p>​The 4th VREF Conference on Urban Freight will present current issues influencing urban freight research and discuss the complexity of designing urban space and managing flows for liveable cities.</p> seminar - Niklas Fernqvist<p>Zoom</p><p>​Title: Inside out: Individuals’ sustainability engagement in energy system transition Discussion leadar: Rita Klapper, Associate Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University</p>