Global environm​ental measurements and modelling

The group tackles global environmental problems in two ways. Through measurement technical competence, especially in the field of satellite measurements, and through interpretation of these measurements.

The Odin satellite
The Odin satellite has carried out measurements in orbit significantly longer than planned. When it was launched in 2001, the estimated lifespan was only two years.

Our specialty is microwave and optical spectrometry of the atmosphere, which we use on board the Swedish satellite Odin. Using these methods, we can map a number of gases in the atmosphere, such as ozone, water vapor and nitrous oxide. Then, with the help of advanced mathematical models, these data can be interpreted so that we better understand the processes that affect ozone depletion, climate effects, etc.

We also work with technology development for the next generation of instruments, in particular mathematical modeling of the impact of high-altitude clouds on microwave measurements and tomographic methods to improve the spatial resolution of satellite measurements.​

Senior researchers