Onsala Space Observatory Division

The Onsala Space Observatory division includes the  Onsala Space Observatory Swedish National Infrastructure for Radio Astronomy and the research unit Advanced Receiver Development (GARD).

  • The telescopes and other instrumentation run by the Onsala Space Observatory Infrastructure include the 20m, 25m and OTT telesccopes, LOFAR station and a share of the APEX telescope in Chile. The infrastrcuture also provides technical and user  support to international projects such as ALMA and SKA.
  • The GARD academic group develops new technology needed for the next generation of receivers for radio and millimetre astronomy, encompassing all from device superconding physics to advanced optics. Personnel from the GARD group are also partly employed by the OSO infrastructure in designing and building receivers to APEX and helping maintain the operation of the Swedish delivered instruments at APEX.
Head of Division
Eva Wirström

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