Astronomy and Plasma Physics

​​Our research covers a wide range of topics from planetary atmospheres, through the early evolution of stars and planets, to late stages of stellar evolution, the physics and chemistry of interstellar and intergalactic matter, the structure and evolution of galaxies, and cosmology. 
We carry out observations at most wavelengths, focusing on radio and infrared wavelengths. We do theoretical research and develop numerical simulations and models of complex systems like galaxies and gas clouds. We also help to develop future telescopes on the ground and in space. 
The main motivators of our work are curiosity about how the Universe evolves, promotion of education and science as a crucial part of modern society, and drive to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists.  

Division ​leadership: 

Jouni Kainulainen (head of division), Matthias Maercker (unit head)

Page manager Published: Mon 18 Oct 2021.