Tomas Kåberger senor advisor for GEIDCO

Tomas Kåberger has been appointed Senior Advisor to Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organisation, GEIDCO, an organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of energy worldwide. 
– It’s a great constructive assignment, in an organization that has real possibilities to influence the world, says Tomas Kåberger, P​rofessor of Industrial Energy Policy, at Chalmers University of Technology.  

The organisation is lead by Chairman Zhenya Liu, former head of the world’s largest electricity company State Grid Corporation of China, and with the former US Secretary of Energy, and Nobel Laureate, Stephen Chu as vice chairman. 

​GEIDCO has the ambition to combine renewable energy, smart grid technologies and ultra-high voltage transmission technologies to create global renewable energy supply. It is to be achieved with “two replacements, one restore, and one increase”. Renewable energy shall replace fossil fuels for electricity production, renewable electricity is to replace fossil fuels in other sectors, oil is to restored as a raw-material, and electricity use is to increase.

Published: Fri 06 Oct 2017.