Kevin Anderson on his bike

The Swedish Carbon Cycle

Kevin Anderson​, professor in climate change leadership, Uppsala universitet
​The Swedish Carbon Cycle is a two-wheeled journey around Sweden to help raise awareness and catalyse local climate action in Sweden – from citizen engagement to revising the climate and energy strategies of municipalities. From South to North, climate professor Kevin Anderson will be cycling around the country meeting citizens and local governments to discuss our opportunities and challenges in the face of a changing climate. A key part of the journey will be discussing Kevin’s research on carbon budgets and the role they can play in reaching the Paris agreement’s goal. Kevin will seek to bring out youth perspectives and leadership at different levels throughout the trip as a way to highlight the role all can play in addressing this issue. The journey takes place in the last two weeks of June terminating in Visby on July 2 at the start of the Almedalen week.
The Swedish Carbon Cycle is part of a larger project at CEMUS involving commisioned research on regional carbon budgets. 

The title of Kevin's presentation is: “Apportioning the Paris Climate Cake: the spatial, temporal & economic consequences of equity".​

For more information, contact Simon Davidsson​ or visit the 
the Swedish Carbon Cycle website. 

Category Seminar
Location: EA, lecture hall,
Starts: 21 June, 2018, 13:00
Ends: 21 June, 2018, 14:00

Published: Tue 12 Jun 2018. Modified: Tue 19 Jun 2018