Susanne Aalto in Onsala
​Susanne Aalto, Professor of Radio Astronomy at Chalmers, photographed at Onsala Space Observatory. 
Photo: Johan Bodell/Chalmers. ​​

Astronomy professor new member of royal academy

Susanne Aalto, Professor of Radio Astronomy at Chalmers University of Technology, has been appointed member in the Class of Astronomy and space science in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
"The Academy consists of outstanding researchers who are strongly committed to science, who are driving it forward, renewing and conducting the current scientific conversations in society. To get the chance to work with such high-level researchers is a great honour,” says Susanne Aalto. 
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences describe their new member in the following terms: 

"At the General Meeting on 20 February this year, Susanne Aalto, Chalmers University of Technology, was elected as new Swedish member in the Class of Astronomy and space science at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Susanne Aalto is Professor in Radio Astronomy at the department for Space, Earth and Environment at Chalmers. Her main research fields are star formation, supermassive black holes, and powerful winds in galaxies both near and far. 

She is particularly interested in starburst galaxies. These are extremely bright galaxies where new stars are formed at a much faster rate than in our own Galaxy. Through the use of long radio waves, she studies the cold gas clouds where stars are born, and which also help black holes to grow​. 

In recent years, Susanne Aalto has been actively involved in the ALMA telescope in Chile, which contributes to huge scientific advances in this area. At high altitude, and located in one of the world’s driest places in the Atacama Desert, the telescope has particularly good conditions to observe the known universe.”

Page manager Published: Mon 04 Mar 2019.