Master's thesis projects

​Our department offers thesis projects in all of our teaching and research areas. There are also thesis projects in the same fields in, e.g., the industry.

Thesis projects fro​m our different research divisions

If you do not find a suitable project, you can also directly contact a teacher/scientist (e.g., the head of the research group) in the field you are interested in. Here you find the department's research divisions​.

Astronomy and Plasma Physics
Radio ​Astronomy and Astrophysics

Plasm​a​ Physics and Fusion Energy

Energy Technology ​

Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing

Global envir​onmental measurements and modelling

Radar Remote Sensing​​

Onsala Space Ob​servatory
Advanc​ed receiver development

Space Ge​odesy and Geodynamics

​Physical Resource Theory​

Useful li​​nks
General instructions for master's thesis work at Chalmers

Published: Fri 23 Oct 2020.