The vision of the Centre is to provide a multidisciplinary meeting ground and forum for Chalmers and collaborators and to foster the use of e-Science methodologies and tools to advance scientific progress and impact.


The purpose of the multidisciplinary centre is to:
  • assist further development and adoption of a broader Gothenburg e-Science strategy.
  • communicate important e-Science developments and possibilities to participants, to other centres, to areas of advance, and to the leadership.
  • serve in an umbrella role, giving participating researchers a formal affiliation and the visibility needed to enhance opportunities for securing funding in collaborations.
  • prioritise platform work, bringing together theory, experiment, simulations and modelling activities with computer science, mathematics/statistics and broader computer-based methodologies to stimulate collaborations.
  • enhance the impact of e-Science activities on innovation, as it is already happening at Chalmers with the existing broad spectra of collaborations.
  • nucleate external e-Science funding for continuing and expanding the umbrella and targeted activities of the centre; the centre will seek to grow to a leadership role within limited foci.


The directed e-Science activities of the centre will (at least initially) be organised in three main tracks, aiming at scientific discoveries through:
  • Advanced Computation (AC),
  • Data Exploration (DE),
  • e-Research Methods (eRM).


In the short term the centre aims to
  • provide a broad inventory of e-Science related activities at Chalmers and in Gothenburg.
  • support and supervise at  least (two) successful collaborative e-science development projects.
  • promote collaborative activities with the University of Gothenburg and initiate developments towards a joint centre.

In the longer term it shall

  • establish a Chalmers  e-Science environment and platform that provides a natural and sustainable focal point for scientific research and development relying on combinations of advanced computation, data exploration and e-Research Science methods

Page manager Published: Wed 19 Mar 2014.