Master’s Thesis Presentations at Energy Technology, Day 2

​Master’s Thesis Presentations at the Division of Energy Technology 2018 Day 2, conference room "Earth" at Energy Technology. 
09:00 Petra Holmér, Jonathan Ullmark
The potential of heat storage as variation management
in the electricity and district heating sectors
09:50 David Gudmunds
Impact on self-sufficiency when introducing electric vehicles
to residential households with solar PV
10:40 Elin Andersson, Isabella Lindholm
Peaking power plant at Ringhals - a feasibility study
11:30 Penpaka Kannikaporn
Power-to-gas concepts integrated with SNG production 
through gasification of forest residues –  Cost evaluation and optimization

Lunch break

13:00 Martin Johansson
Modeling of Biomass Flow in a Novel Fluidized Bed Concept
13:50 Viktor Sköldberg, Lovisa Öhrby
Determination of heat transfer coefficient to tube reactor 
submerged in bubbling fluidized bed reactor 
14:40 Markus Persson
Fourth Generation District Heating - The Prospects of Gothenburg

Category Student project presentation
Location: Energiteknik, division, M-huset, Maskin
Starts: 05 June, 2018, 09:00
Ends: 05 June, 2018, 14:00

Published: Mon 30 Apr 2018. Modified: Mon 28 May 2018