Master’s Thesis Presentations at Energy Technology, Day 1

Master’s Thesis Presentations at the Division of Energy Technology 2018 Day 1, conference room "Earth" at Energy Technology. 

09:00  Johan Gunnarsson, Sekpoom Kobjaroenkun
Development of a decision support tool for operational optimization
of the steam utility system at Preemraff Lysekil.
09:50 Tove Udd, Linnéa Svensson
Evaluation of heat exchanger network retrofits from an economic and climate perspective
10:40 David Erlandsson, Pontus Bokinge
Evaluation of the flexibility of large and complex heat exchanger networks in process industry
11:30 Ivana Stanicic
Dynamic process of steam in a super critical CFB boiler
Lunch break

13:00 Hanna Bengtsson
Kinetic modelling of secondary gas-phase reactions of
  polyethylene-derived pyrolysis products and steam​
13:50 Christoffer Alm, Viktor Persson​. 
Investigation and evaluation of energy efficiency measures in a textile industry -
A case study at AB Ludvig Svensson
14:40 Pawel Kak
Modelling, Retrofitting and Thermoeconomic Assessment of
Lillesjöverket Waste to Heat Power Plant in Uddevalla  
15:30 Céline Leveque
Sustainability of phase change solvent for CO2 capture: 
benefit and disadvantages from a sustainable perspective

Category Student project presentation
Location: Energiteknik, division, M-huset, Maskin
Starts: 04 June, 2018, 09:00
Ends: 04 June, 2018, 16:30

Published: Mon 30 Apr 2018. Modified: Mon 28 May 2018