Master thesis presentation Catrin Lindberg

​Chemically active bed materials in fluidized-bed combustion and related processes for CO2 mitigation
Catrin Lindberg presents her master’s thesis work “Chemically active bed materials in fluidized-bed combustion and related processes for CO2 mitigation”, at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment.

Examiner: Magnus Rydén
Supervisor: Felicia Eliasson Störner
Opponent: Arvid Lundström 

Chemical looping combustion and Oxygen Carrier Aided combustion are two technologies developed from the commercial technologies fluidized-bed combustion. Both technologies use chemically active bed material to react with oxygen and then transport it to a zone rich in fuel where the oxygen react with the fuel. Use of chemically active bed material make it possible for inherent CO2 separation and more efficient fuel combustion. I of interest to find chemically active materials that are available in large quantities at low cost and with low environmental impact.  Materials containing metal oxides have earlier been proved to have good properties for these applications. Material from the metal industries is therefore of interest to investigate.   
This study has investigated three materials from the metal industries, LKAB and Boliden, with potential for use as chemically active bed material in these applications. Experiments for chemically looping combustion and oxygen carrier aided combustion have been done in a lab-scale fluidized-bed boiler at Chalmers on Magnetite fines, Enrichment sand and Copper smelter slag. Results shows that magnetite fines and copper smelter slag are chemically active and remains physically stable for the operational temperatures in the experiments. Enrichment sand on the other hand have small and porous particles and is not suitable as bed material in a fluidized-bed boiler.   
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Location: Online
Starts: 11 June, 2021, 10:00
Ends: 11 June, 2021, 11:00

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