Docent Lecture, Kristell Perot

​Looking at the middle atmosphere through the eye of Odin
Kristell Perot, assistant professor at the division of Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing, the Department of Space, Earth and Environment presents her lecture for promotion to (oavlönad) docent. 


Looking at the middle atmosphere through the eye of Odin.


​Although most weather processes occur in the first 10 km of the atmosphere, many other important phenomena occur higher up, in the region called the middle atmosphere. Observational evidence of coupling between the different atmospheric layers has highlighted the need for increasing the upper limit of climate models to higher altitudes. It is becoming increasingly recognised that understanding the middle atmospheric dynamical and chemical processes is necessary to get a better knowledge of the Earth’s climate system as a whole. Satellite remote sensing techniques are particularly well suited to study this remote region and Odin, a Swedish-led research satellite, is specifically dedicated to this topic.

During the past ten years, I have been studying the middle atmosphere, focusing over time on polar mesospheric clouds, on the interaction between energetic particles and atmospheric gases, on ozone chemistry, or on atmospheric dynamics. This work was based on analysis of data mainly from Odin, but also from other satellites. In this docent lecture, I will give a review of these past and current research activities and a glimpse of my future plans at Chalmers. 

Zoom link to the lecture. Password: 515127 

Category Lecture
Location: Online
Starts: 14 January, 2021, 10:00
Ends: 14 January, 2021, 11:00

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