Costellazione manga: a powerful tool to communicate astronomy

Daria Dall` Olio, Astronomy and Plasma Physics, Chalmers
Comics and animation deeply engage people; it has been demonstrated that they can be successfully used to communicate science to the public. They can also stimulate important aspects of the learning development such as the critical thinking and the curiosity of the discovery. People can easy remember concepts and build links between different topics, which is a fundamental part of the deep learning processes. 

Given these pedagogical premises, in 2011 my collaborators and I built up a project called Costellazione Manga, where we consider astronomical references present in several manga and anime (i.e.Japanese comics and animations), and we highlight the physics behind them. For example, we take the cue from realistic comics to illustrate the harsh reality of space travel. Conversely, we use works with a more fantastic perspective to introduce general topics: the difference between stars, planets, and galaxies, the possibility of finding life on other planets. We also describe how the same stars are perceived differently by different cultures. 

During the past years the project was presented in Italy in many formats. This year it was presented at the conference Communicating Astronomy with the Public organised by the International Astronomical Union in Japan. In April it was shown at the Science Festival in Göteborg. 

In this seminar I will first describe the pedagogical aspect on which this project is based and then I will show how does Costellazione Manga works in practice, bringing up some examples.
Category Seminar
Location: Seminarierum, seminar room, Seminarie- och biblioteksbyggnad, Onsala rymdobservatorium
Starts: 13 June, 2018, 10:30
Ends: 13 June, 2018, 12:00

Published: Fri 23 Mar 2018. Modified: Tue 08 May 2018