How filamentary is that filament? 3D morphology of a random field from its 2D image.

​Andrew Fletcher, Newcastle University

The speaker's visit is supported by the Gothenburg Centre for Advanced Studies (GoCAS).

 A common problem in astronomy is how to infer the three dimensional properties of structures from a two dimensional image. A good example is whether filaments seen in a map of the interstellar medium are really filamentary in 3D (i.e. approximately cylindrical) or sheets seen edge-on. We have developed a simple technique that allows this distinction to be made. The method uses Minkowski functionals, which provide a complete description of the morphology of a random field and are easy to compute, and has been applied data from the Galactic All Sky HI Survey.

Category Seminar
Location: Seminar room, Onsala Space Observatory
Starts: 21 June, 2017, 10:30
Ends: 21 June, 2017, 12:00

Published: Tue 13 Jun 2017.