Division of Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics

The Division of Subatomic, High-Energy and Plasma Physics covers a broad range of research topics. We are inspired by some of the biggest scientific questions: What is our universe made of? What forces govern it? How does it evolve? We also explore applied physics, such as energy-related research, related to phenomena on subatomic scale. More specifically, our education and research projects connect to theoretical and experimental subatomic physics, mathematical and high-energy physics, plasma and fusion physics, and nuclear-physics applications. We take particular pride in the strong involvement of students at various educational levels in our research.

We employ many different research methodologies; from theory and simulation to experiment. Our expertise and dedicated efforts to develop advanced analytical and computational tools is a particular strength that often give our researchers important roles in various international networks. We cultivate and value these partnerships since the questions that we seek answers to often require the combined efforts of international scientific collaborations and the use of major research infrastructures.

All general inquiries should be directed to
Professor Christian Forssén​ Head of Division.

Visitors address:
Kemigården 1, Gothenburg
Postal address:
Chalmers University of Technology 
Department of Physics
Kemigården 1
412 96 Göteborg​​

Research groups at the division of Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics

Experimental Subatomic Physics
Principal investigators:
Andreas Heinz​ (research interests: “Experimental nuclear physics; fission, nuclear astrophysics”)
Thomas Nilsson (research interests: “Experimental nuclear physics; rare isotopes”​)​

Mathematical Physics​
Principal investigators:

Martin Cederwall​ (research interests: “Mathematics of M-theory”)
Ulf Gran​ (research interests: “AdS-CFT; Black holes; Condensed matter physics; String theory”)

Reactor physics, modelling and safety​ 
Principal investigators:

Christophe Demaziere (research interests: “Neutron transport; fluid dynamics; heat transfer”)

Paolo Vinai​ (research interests: “Neutron transport; fluid dynamics; heat transfer”)

Plasma Theory
Principal investigators:

Tünde Fülöp (research interests: “Magnetic fusion and laser-plasma accelerators”)
Istvan Pusztai ​(research interests: “Magnetic fusion and astrophysical plasmas”)

Theoretical Subatomic Physics
Principal investigators:
Riccardo Catena (research interests: “Astroparticle physics; Dark matter theory and phenomenology; Early Universe cosmology”)
Andreas Ekström​ (research interests:​ “Theoretical nuclear physics; Realistic nuclear interactions; Inverse problems and computational statistics”)
Gabriele Ferretti
 (research interests:​ “Particle physics; Standard model; Physics beyond the standard model; Compositeness; Supersymmetry”​)
Christian Forssén:​ 
(research interests:​ “Computational many-body physics; Theoretical nuclear physics; Effective Field Theories; Computational statistics and machine learning”​)

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