The Divison of Materials and Surface Theory  is involved in a variety of courses. Students also have the possibility to write their Bachelor- or Master theses in our group.

Below is a list of courses given by Material and Surface Theory members:

Quantum Physics 
Mandatory quantum physics course given at the engineering physics programme. Introduces the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and applies them to, e.g., atomic and molecular physics. This course is given in collaboration with the Departments of Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics, MINA and Physical Chemistry.   

Computational Physics 
This course is aimed at refining computational skills by providing direct experience in using a computer to model physical systems. 

Surface Physics 
Optional course for undergraduate and graduate students. Many important and interesting things occur at surfaces. This course is an introduction to the broad field of surface science.

Surface processes 
Optional course for undergraduate and graduate students. This course is a continuation to the course in Surface Physics. The emphasis in on molecule-surface interactions. 

Materials theory 
Optional course for undergraduate and graduate students with individual plans. Properties of different classes of materials are studied, and powerful methods in modeling, simulation, and theory of materials properties are taught, with emphasis on hands-on use and interpretation. ​

Published: Tue 08 Aug 2017.