We are contributing to the teaching of several courses in the bachelor's programme "technical physics" and in the master's programmes "applied physics" and "physics" at Chalmers and at the University of Gothenburg:
  • Physics for engineers 2: electromagnetism and modern physics (TIF220)
  • Physics (LMA538)
  • Physics (NBAF00)
  • Electromagnetic field theory (FYP202)
  • Condensed matter physics (FKA091)
  • Medical physics (TIF171)
  • Physics of electromagnetic materials (TIF116)
  • Introduction to Linux (FYD500)
  • Technology for teachers (L9TK20/LGTK20)
The division is also hosting several master's thesis students every year. Students looking for a master's thesis subject are encouraged to contact one of the principal investigators or to have a look at the list of projects.

Published: Mon 01 Jul 2019.