Johansson research group

Johansson Research Group, July 2017. Back row: Dr. Manfred Kerner, Dr. Niklas Lindahl, Simon Lindberg, Gustav Åvall, Dr. Steffen Jeschke, Prof. Patrik Johansson. Middle row: Dr. Athmane Boulaoued, Viktor Nilsson, Piotr Jankowski, Juan Forero Saboya. Front row: Rasmus Andersson, Dr. Yajing Yan, Dr. Adriana Navarro Súarez.

Current members:
Prof. Patrik Johansson, Dr. Athmane Boulaoued, Dr. Adriana Navarro Súarez, Dr. Roza Bouchal, Dr. Rafael Barros Neves de Araújo, Dr. Niklas Lindahl, Dr. Piotr Jankowski. PhD students: Simon Lindberg, Gustav Åvall, Viktor Nilsson, Rasmus Andersson, Fabian Årén, Hassna El-Bousiydy. Guest researchers: Prof. Lorenzo Stievano.

Materials form the very foundation of our modern society and nowhere is the need for novel materials greater than in the area of sustainable energy technologies. Batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors make possible our 24/7 use of nomadic devices as well as the upcoming electromobility revolution of hybrid and fully electric cars, busses, trucks, etc.

In our everyday research our very international group strive together to create novel materials, especially electrolytes, and to fundamentally understand them by advanced quantum mechanical simulations and extensive experimental characterisation. This we combine with proper studies of device functionality including also safety assessments of commercial products. The launch of F-free and novel Na-ion conducting ionic liquid based electrolytes are two recent major scientific contributions from us.

While further development of ”standard” Li-ion batteries continues to pose many interesting and urgent scientific questions, our focus is today shifting towards next generation batteries; sodium-ion, lithium-sulfur, high temperature lithium, aluminium, etc. In all our R&D we have a large amount of national and international collaboration, for example within the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC) and in European projects: FP7/EUROLIS, H2020/NAIADES, and H2020/HELIS. Projects are run with both Swedish (Autoliv, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Scania CV,...) and European industry (SAFT, Renault, Honda, Solvionic, Solvay, MAST,...) involved.

We attract funding from many sources; EU, Swedish Research Council (VR), Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), Swedish Energy Agency (EM), Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS), Chalmers Area of Advance (Materials, Energy, and Transport), and not the least from ALISTORE-ERI; Europe's largest industry-academia network within the field of modern batteries.

We are always looking for talented people - new PhD students as well as postdocs - to help us go forth in our endavours. Interested and up to the challenge? => Do send your CV to Prof. Johansson <Open positions>.


Published: Mon 21 Jan 2019.