Licentiate theses

Below the most recent (since 2007) licentiate theses from the Chemical Physics group are listed.

Unni Engedahl, Direct conversion of methane-to-methanol in Cu-exchanged small-pore zeolites (2020).

Christopher Tiburski, Alloy Plasmonics - Fundamentals and Application in Catalysis (2020).

Alvaro Posada-Borbón, CO2 activation for methanol synthesis on copper and indium oxide surfaces (2019).

Sara Nilsson, Single Copper Nanoparticle Oxidation (2019).

David Albinsson, Combining Nanoplasmonics and Nanofluidics for Single Particle Catalysis (2018).

Mikael Valter, Electrooxidation of glycerol and methanol on gold (2018).

Lin Chen, On the Character of Active Sites in Copper Exchanged Zeolites during NH3-SCR (2017).

Mikkel Jørgensen, Microkinetic Modeling of Nanoparticle Catalysis using Density Functional Theory (2017).

Adam Arvidsson, Partial methane oxidation from electronic structure calculations (2017).

Ferry A. A. Nugroho, Nanoplasmonic Sensing of Materials for Energy Applications (2016).

Maxime van den Bossche, Methane oxidation over palladium oxide: From electronic structure to catalytic conversion (2015).

Svetlana Syrenova, Single particle plasmonic nanospectroscopy; tracking size and shape effects in Pd nanoparticle - hydrogen interaction (2014).

Pooya Tabib Zadeh Adibi, Studies of catalyst sintering during operating conditions (2014).

Anna Clemens, Astrochemical Surface Science: Water Desorption from Nanostructured Graphite​ (2013).

Gustav Edman Jönsson, Thermal Plasmonic Metasurfaces (2013).

Adriana Trinchero, Methane and carbon monoxide oxidation over Pd and Pt – a densityfunctional theory and microkinetic study (2013).

Beniamino Iandolo, Nanoplasmonic enhancementof photon-to-electron conversion in functionalized Iron oxide photoanodes (2012).

Carl Wadell, Nanoplasmonics for absorption engineering and hydrogen sensing (2012).

Viktoria Gusak, Nanoparticle plasmonicsfor solar cell applications (2011).

Simon Klacar, Chemical properties of oxidized silver - A density functional theorystudy (2011).

Raja Sellappan, Fabrication and characterization of composite TiO2/Carbonnanofilms with enhanced photocatalytic activity (2011).

Markus Schwind, Kinetic measurementsusing nanoplasmonic (2010).

Kristina Wettergren, Thermal and photon driven reactions of NO andH2O adsorbed on graphite (2010).

Gabriel Ohlsson, Miniaturized cell and flow reactor for QCM-D measurementson fluids and soft matter (2009).

Björn Wickman, Thin-film electrocatalystsfor polymer electrolyte fuel cells. Activity, durability and proton conduction (2007).

Elin Larsson, Hybridized localized surface plasmons in gold nanorings:application in ultrasensitive biosensors (2007).

Christoph Langhammer, Plasmonic properties of Pt and Pd nanodisks (2007).

Hans Fredriksson, Nanostructured carbon materials prepared by hole-maskcolloidal lithography (2007).


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