Biological Physics News

2018-10-26 Congratulations to Christoffer for a successful PhD defence! The Role of Sugars for Protein Stabilization. 

2018-10-12 Congratulations to Silver for defending his licentiate thesis, Towards the Characterization of Biological Nanoparticles!

2018-09-10 New paper by Fredrik E in Langmuir, "Stable Air Nanobubbles in Water: the Importance of Organic Contaminants", see

2018-08-30 Congratulations to Thomas for a successful licentiate thesis defence! Title: Characterization of artificial and biological lipid vesicles using TIRF and SPR.

2018-08-27 We welcome Erik Olsén as a new PhD student in our group. He will work with developing a combined phase imaging/fluorescence methodology for studying biological systems.  

2018-08-23 Congratulations to Mokhtar et. al. for his new paper "Spatiotemporal Kinetics of Supported Lipid Bilayer Formation on Glass via Vesicle Adsorption and Rupture" published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett., ​see

2018-07-26 New paper, "Bioinspired, nanoscale approaches in contemporary bioanalytics (Review)" in Biointerphases by Fredrik and his coworkers, see

2018-06-20 Congratulations to Déborah, Mokhtar and their coworkers for a new paper "Effective Refractive Index and Lipid Content of Extracellular Vesicles Revealed Using Optical Waveguide Scattering and Fluorescence Microscopy​" in Langmuir, see

Published: Fri 24 Aug 2018. Modified: Fri 07 Dec 2018