Division of Nano and Biophysics

The Division of Nano and Biophysics develops an understanding of and explores the physics of nanoscopic and biomolecular structures and their interactions with external stimuli, such as electrons, neutrons and photons. We contribute novel experimental and computational methods and applications based on a unique position at the borders between physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.

Through our research, teaching and outreach, we engage with several departments at Chalmers, Gothenburg University as well as regional, national and international universities, companies, institutes and technology transfer initiatives.

All general inquiries should be directed to Professor Eva Olsson, Head of Division.   

Visitors address
Fysikgränd 3, Gothenburg


Postal address
Chalmers University of Technology 
Department of Physics
Fysikgränd 3
412 96 Göteborg​​

Research groups within Nano and Biophysics

Julie Gold group
Principal Investigator:​ Professor Julie Gold​
Keywords: Biomaterials, cell-material interactions, tissue engineering, cultured meat, education research

Key words: Biointerfaces, Surface-sensitive microscopy, Bioanalytical sensing, Single nanoparticle analytics, Lipid self-assembly

Principal Investigator: Professor Mikael Käll
Key Words: Nanooptics, Biophotonics, Metasurfaces, Plasmonics, Optical forces

Key words: Nanostructured and quantum materials, Soft matter for energy and health, Nanocharacterisation in materials physics, Ultra-high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, In situ electron microscopy 

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Timur Shegai
Key words: Strong light-matter coupling, Polaritons, 2D materials, Ultrafast spectroscopy, Transition metal dichalcogenides

Jan Swenson group
Principal Investigator:​ Professor Jan Swenson
Key words: Soft matter, Water, Neutron Scattering, MDMC, Nanoparticles

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