About us

Stimulated by major needs and challenges in society and industry, our ambition is to foster a creative environment for academic research, learning, innovations and utilisation.

We provide a competitive advantage by linking top-level international and interdisciplinary academic performance in the areas of Material science, Nanotechnology, Life science engineering and Energy research with world-leading industrial R&D&I projects.

We address a wide array of experimental, computational, methodological and theoretical challenges, from fundamental physics research, through the development of new materials to direct industrial projects generating new inventions.

From a synergy of teaching and research we have a strong commitment to learning on all levels from undergraduate to PhD studies where physics meet engineering. We are situated in a stimulating and creative environment with 200 teachers and researchers, 120 PhD students and 550 undergraduate students within the physics community in Göteborg.

We strive to be the good working place where each and every one of us can develop continuously, both in the scientific career as well as on a personal level. Dreams, passions and leadership aspirations should find their realizations working with us. 

Page manager Published: Fri 28 Jun 2019.