Upper row from the left: Lars Hellberg, Peter Apell (former Head of department), Anders Karlström, Michael Eriksson. Middle row from the left: Gustav Magnusson, Eva Olsson. Lower row from the left: Kristina Lindgren, Jan Smith (former President's representative), Eva Liljenberg, Christoph Langhammer, Ulf Bengtzelius, Mats Lindroos, Ulf Högman.
Not in the picture:
Thomas Nilsson, Erik Strandberg, Thomas Thorvaldsson, Susanne Aalto, Fredrik Höök

Departmental Advisory Team

External representatives

Ulf Bengtzelius, Chairman, Value Model Arusid AB
Ulf Högman, GKN Aerospace
Anders Karlström, Adjunct Professor, Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers
Eva Liljenberg, Volvo Cars
Mats Lindroos, European Spallation Source (ESS)
Thomas Tho​rvaldsson, TBT Management
Susanne Aalto, The President's representative, Space, Earth and Environment

Internal representatives

Thomas Nilsson, Head of Department, Physics
Fredrik Höök, Vice Head of Department, Utilisation

Gustav Magnusson, Students' representative
Kristina Lindgren, PhD students' representative
Lars Hellberg, Technical and Administrative staff representative
Christoph Langhammer, Teachers' representative
Eva Olsson, Teachers' representative
Erik Strandberg, Students' representative

Published: Mon 17 Jun 2013. Modified: Wed 23 Aug 2017