Playing physicists, art, creativity and unexpected seminars

​On 19-21 November it's time for the AHA Festival at Chalmers - an annual celebration of science and art. This year, several of the program items have a wonderful taste of physics thanks to our researchers. 


​Take the chance to experience the new location of FysikLek (Kemigården 1, 4th floor) and check out an interactive and mind-twisting exhibition with optical illusions. Meet P-O Nilsson and Anders Nordlund and learn about creativity and playing physicists. 

You also have the chance to listen to seminar talks at the Student Union Building where, among others, Fredrik Höök, Göran Johansson, Mattias Marklund and Martin Cederwall will be our guides. They will cover a wide range of topics from cave art to smartphones, discuss the language of physics, photosynthesis, evolution, quantum biology and quantum computers. 

There will also be a guided tour for those of you who are curious about the fine collection of art in the Physics building.

Text: Mia Halleröd Palmgren,​

AHA Festival, 19-21 November at FysikLek, GD, “the Apple” (Kemigården 1) and the Student Union Building, second floor, Campus Johanneberg, (Chalmersplatsen 1 ) Gothenburg. 
The festival will be free of charge and open to the public. 

Published: Fri 09 Nov 2018. Modified: Wed 14 Nov 2018