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​Illustration: Muhammad Abdelhamid

In charge of the largest battery research network in Europe

​Patrik Johansson, Professor at the Department of Physics at Chalmers, has been elected new co-director of a large European battery research network – Alistore European Research Institute (Alistore-ERI).
The network is the largest academic-industrial collaboration on batteries in Europe and aims to tackle battery challenges and move towards sustainable energy solutions. The network has about 25 partners, with academic entities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Collège de France, and Bosch, Saft,  BASF and Renault on the industry side.

“Due to the current electromobility (r)evolution and the need to efficiently store renewable energy, Alistore-ERI is more important than ever before. As researchers, we create projects and share ideas within the network and get important feedback from other academics and the industrial partners,” says Patrik Johansson, who takes part in several national and international projects to develop the next generation of batteries.

Patrik Johansson will mainly be responsible for strategies for expansion of the network, to increase the internal and external interactions, as well as taking part in defining the research strategy.

“My role will be to build an even stronger network for future challenges – an inspiring task with many openings for Swedish industry as well,” says Patrik Johansson.

He will officially start his new assignment on 1st of January and will share the direction with Prof. Christian Masquelier from France and Dr. Robert Dominko from Slovenia.

Text: Mia Halleröd Palmgren,

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Published: Tue 09 Jan 2018.