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New possibilities within catalysis

​​Catalysts are not only used to speed up chemical transformations. They are also used to selectively steer reactions into desired molecules.​
One challenging and technologically important reaction is selective hydrogenation of acetylene (C2H2) to ethylene (C2H4). The reaction is difficult due to the risk for over-hydrogenation into ethane (C2H6). ​
Mikkel Jørgensen and Henrik Grönbeck have in a study that recently was published in Journal of American Chemical Society, explored selective acetylene hydrogenation over, so-called, single atom alloys consisting of isolated Pd atoms embedded in Cu nanoparticles. The research involved simultaneous development of novel computational techniques for studies of reactions over nanoparticles. They find that a high selectivity for the reaction can be reached by synthesis of large nanoparticles and that the Pd-atoms should be placed in corner sites.

Published: Thu 23 May 2019.