Vetenskaplig bild. Neutronspridning.
Incoherent neutron scattering reveals dynamics from different parts of a protein based on the location of hydrogen in the system. Here we see on the left how a scattering experiment sees hydrogenated GFP in D2O (heavy water), and on the right, how the same experiment would see deuterated GFP in H2O (water).
Illustration: Jon33dn/CC BY-SA/Wikimedia Free Commons

New opportunities for materials research at Chalmers

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) has decided to extend the funding of the SwedNess research school by 100 million SEK until 2025. 
SwedNess is a graduate school for neutron scattering operated by six Swedish Universities, including Chalmers.
The goal is to educate 20 doctoral students as a base for Sweden's expertise in neutron scattering with respect to the research infrastructure European Spalliation Source (ESS) being built outside Lund right now. 

"It is important to strengthen the competence in neutron scattering at Chalmers in order to remain successful in materials research and to benefit from ESS," says Professor Jan Swenson at the Department of Physics at Chalmers, who is SwedNess'  Director of Studies at Chalmers.  

Page manager Published: Tue 11 Feb 2020.