Lars Börjesson receives the medal from King Carl XVI Gustaf.
​Professor Lars Börjesson at the Department of Physics receives IVA's Gold Medal, 2021. ​​​
​Photo​: Erik Cronberg

Chalmers professor receives Gold Medal by IVA

Lars Börjesson, professor at the Department of Physics, is receiving the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ Gold Medal. The medals are presented by H.M. The King during IVA's Annual Meeting of the Academy.
The Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, has for a hundred years rewarded outstanding initiatives in technology, economics, business, and society. Lars Börjesson, Professor in Materials Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, is now receiving IVA’s Gold Medal for his efforts to improve society.

IVA's motivation is:

"Professor Lars Börjesson is awarded the Gold Medal for his outstanding, innovative research in the physics of condensed materials and his innovative and dedicated leadership that has resulted in groundbreaking research infrastructure – in particular MAX IV and ESS – offering exceptional opportunities to learn about material properties that will be of great significance in future research and industry."

“It is a fantastic honour to receive this medal and that the work I have done, together with many others, for a long time garners attention,” says Lars Börjesson.

“It also means that more people may notice what unique and outstanding investments the ESS and MAX IV facilities are for Sweden and Europe. The facilities are important for basic research in physics, chemistry, life sciences and more, and for a variety of applications for a sustainable society, for example for new materials for sustainable energy technology, recyclable materials for the manufacturing industry, development of new medicines and medical technology for better health. And not least because they attract talented researchers with new research projects.”

The Gold Medals will be presented in connection with the Annual Meeting of the Academy on October 29 2021 in the presence of T.M. The King and Queen. 

About Lars Börjesson
Lars Börjesson defended his dissertation at Chalmers University of Technology in 1987, and has since been active here as an Associate Professor (1990) and Professor of Materials Physics (1995). He has also been a Professor at KTH (1993–1995).
During the years 2012–2016, Lars Börjesson was active as Vice-Chancellor at Chalmers with responsibility for the Areas of Advance. He has extensive experience in the management of large-scale research facilities: from 2010 to 2013, he was chairman of the MAX IV laboratory in Lund and he is one of the founders of the European Spallation Source (ESS). In 2011, Lars Börjesson was elected a member of the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

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