Fighting climate changes with a hydrogen-based energy system

​​The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has granted four Agenda 2030 Research Centers (SSF-ARC) 50 million Swedish kronor each. Associate Professor Björn Wickman, Department of Physics at Chalmers, is part of one of the new centres:  "Production, use and storage of hydrogen gas (PUSH)". ​
Together with colleagues from KTH, Lund University, Umeå University and RISE he will focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 13 on fighting climate changes. 

“Hydrogen is a very important carbon-free energy carrier and also a significant industrial process gas for the future. Our center encompasses the entire value chain in a hydrogen-based energy system: production (through electrolysis), storage and distribution and end-use (electricity from fuel cells),” says Björn Wickman, who will focus on developing new catalytic materials for the next generation of fuel cells and eletrolysers.
The new centre will be coordinated by KTH.

Page manager Published: Wed 24 Jun 2020.