They were awarded the coveted consolidator grants

vrkonsilodation.jpgThe Swedish Research Council has decided on the applications to be awarded consolidator grants in 2018. The total grant amount for 2019-2024 is almost 221,5 million SEK. 
The competition has been hard. Of the 306 applications received, 20 have been granted and three of them go to physicists at Chalmers.​
Congratulations to Christoph Langhammer and Ermin Malic at the Department of Physics and to Åsa Haglund at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience. They were the three researchers at Chalmers who managed to get the coveted grant. 

Christoph Langhammer’s project” The Sub-10 nm Challenge in Single Particle Catalysis” and has been granted 12 million SEK. 

Ermin Malics’ project ”Microscopic view on exciton dynamics in atomically thin materials” has been granted 12 million SEK. 

Åsa Haglund’s project ”Ultraviolet and blue microcavity lasers” has been granted 10,4 million SEK. 

Published: Wed 05 Dec 2018. Modified: Wed 30 Jan 2019