Diploma for Best doctoral thesis at the Department of Physics, Chalmers

Greger Torgrimsson wrote the best doctoral thesis

There was one star shining extra bright among the doctoral theses of 2016 at the Department of Physics. The prize committee agreed that Greger Torgrimsson’s thesis held a very high scientific quality. The thesis is based on no less than nine published articles, including several in the prestigious journal Physical Review D. Moreover, he was responsible for the major part of the scientific work in many of these publications.
​ “Greger has shown that he has a deep understanding of the subject and that he recognizes in which direction the field is going and what scientific challenges that lie ahead. The thesis is like a well-written book and has a story that is easy to follow. That makes it very enjoyable to read, even if the reader does not conduct research in the same field”, says Timur Shegai, one of the members of the prize committee.

Greger Torgrimsson defended his doctoral thesis at the Division of Theoretical Physics in the spring of 2016. His supervisor was Anton Ilderton and the title of the thesis was ”Pair production, vacuum birefringence and radiation reaction in strong field QED”.

” I am very happy and surprised to hear that my thesis was so appreciated. For me the writing was a good exercise in communicating to a wider audience and putting my research into a broader context. This process also helped me to write better applications” says Greger Torgrimsson.

One of his applications led to a post-doctoral position in Jena, Germany, where he will start in October.

Greger is not the first one to receive the Best Thesis Award. Since the prize was founded in 2013, a total of six doctoral students have been awarded. The award was established, as one of several initiatives at the department, to maintain and improve the quality of research. The management of the department also hopes that this award can help doctoral students receive an extra boost in their careers after the defense.

“Many students ask their supervisor for example theses when they are about to start writing their own thesis. They are usually handed the last thesis produced within the research group. The theses that qualified for the Best Thesis Award throughout the years, are now good examples for our students”, says Timur Shegai.

Would you say that his thesis was perfect?
“Haha, the only critique one might have would be the lack of pictures in the thesis”, Timur Shegai continues with a laughter.

Text: Anna Wallin

About: Best Thesis Award, Department of Physics 
The prize is awarded annually to one or several doctoral students that has defended their thesis during that year. Besides the honor, the winner also receives a diploma and a monetary prize of SEK 10.000.

The prize committee consists of researchers from every division within the department. The members of this year’s committee were Riccardo Catena, Fang Liu, Paolo Vinai, Paul Erhart, Arkady Gonoskov, Patrik Johansson and Timur Shegai.

Previous award winners

Academic year 2014-2015
Carl Wadell
Klara Insulander Björk

Academic year 2013-2014

Erlendur Jonsson
Daniel Midtvedt
Mikael Svedendahl

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