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A winning idea for an electric and sustainable society

​The new start-up Compular (formerly Svala Technologies), based on research from the Department of Physics at Chalmers, has been awarded the scholarship “Tänk: Om” by Göteborg Energi.
​The start-up develops a computational tool for analyzing molecular dynamics trajectories. The tool can be used in the development of new and better materials, such as electrolytes for the next generation of batteries, and thereby accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable society. 

The company is built upon the doctoral thesis work of Rasmus Andersson and Fabian Årén in Professor Patrik Johansson’s group at the Division of Material Physics. Compular is a Chalmers Ventures supported collaboration between the three researchers and three students at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship: Emil Krutmeijer, Sirikun Loetsakwiman and Johannes Henriksson. 

The “Tänk: Om” award acknowledges sustainable ideas and projects. In total, six projects share SEK 702 000.​

Text: Mia Halleröd Palmgren, mia.hallerodpalmgren@chalmers.se​​

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Compular's founders: Rasmus Andersson, Fabian Årén, Patrik Johansson,  Emil Krutmeijer, Sirikun Loetsakwiman and Johannes Henriksson​.

Page manager Published: Thu 19 Nov 2020.