Master Student projects

You can find all available student projects offered on advanced level below. Please note that some of the listed items below contain several projects within a thematic subject. For projects on Bachelor level, please visit our Swedish webpage.

Master's thesis projects 2019/2020 

Master projects at the Ultrafast Photonics laboratory, 2020​​
Metamaterial lenses for fingerprint sensors​​

Predicting the Cancer Tumor Position in a Liver Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)​

Micro-mechanical modelling of the effects of fiber length and fiber-matrix debonding on short fiber composites (SFRC-2020-1)
Multi-Scale Modelling of Short Fiber Composites Using Artificial Intelligence​​​

Investigation of the effect of complex flow fields on various suspensions by birefringence imaging ​​
Building batteries from wood​​​
Deep Q-learning for quantum computing​
Collective dynamics of autonomous robots in a complex environment​
Deep Learning for Particle Tracking​
Deep Learning for Optical Tweezers​
Sputtered AlN layers for UV and nonlinear photonics​
Measuring the thermal properties of optoelectronic devices​
Optimization of ohmic contacts to AlGaN for LEDs and VCSELs​
Fuel Cell Nanoparticle Catalyst Fabrication via Laser Ablation​
Dynamics of dark excitons in atomically thin nanomaterials​​
 Microstructural characterization of iron based alloys used for overlay welding

 Atomic Scale Characterization of a New Steel​
 Handling calibration parameters​
 Samurai Monte Carlo​
 Fission, FPGAs and VHDL
 CALIFA Forward Endcap​
Electromagnetic Metamaterials 
Electromagnetic Properties of Biological Materials
Frustule incorporation effect on efficiency of solar cells​​
Machine learning for Nanochannel Scattering Microscopy​​
Cleaning of Mercury and other Heavy Metals from Contaminated Waters​
Designing a flat immersion lens for laser tweezing of microparticles​

Systematic investigation of the solid state structure of pharmaceutical 

materials by small angle
X-ray scattering (SAXS)​

Published: Tue 19 May 2020.