Master's Programmes

The Department of Physics offers four international Master’s programmes. All education and teaching are in English, and Swedish as well as international students are encouraged to apply.
The Applied Physics Master's programme has a firm basis in condensed matter physics and excellence in understanding and using contemporary experimental, theoretical and computational techniques in the materials science and biotechnology fields.
The Complex Adaptive Systems Master's programme is based on a physics perspective with a focus on general principles, but it is also interdisciplinary with courses available in information theory, computer science and optimisation algorithms, ecology and genetics as well as adaptive systems and robotics.
The Nuclear Engineering Master's programme aims to provide both basic and advanced knowledge on the physics, chemistry and technology of nuclear power, the nuclear fuel cycle and other useful applications of radionuclides.

The Physics and Astronomy Master's programme offers a combination of courses in theoretical physics, experimental physics and astrophysics taught by active researchers and is aimed at students who want to have a solid background in physics and specialize in one of those fields.

Published: Tue 23 Oct 2012. Modified: Mon 18 Apr 2016