Seminar by Bradley Kavanagh

Pinning down the particle properties of Dark Matter with future direct detection experiments
Seminar by Bradley Kavanagh, GRAPPA institute at the University of Amsterdam


As usual, the Dark Matter (DM) community stands on the brink of discovery. But there is still much we do not know about Dark Matter and its interactions with the Standard Model. How does DM interact with nucleons? How strong is this interaction? Is DM its own antiparticle? I will discuss a number of ways to discriminate between different forms of DM-nucleon interaction in future 'Direct Detection' experiments: using directional detectors, using time-series data and using target complementary. Finally, I will discuss ongoing work (using the new statistical tool SWORDFISH) to explore prospects for model discrimination over the whole DM parameter space, not only at selected benchmark points. This work is crucial to inform future DM searches, guiding which experiments and techniques should be pursued in order to pin down the DM-nucleon interaction and probe the particle identity of Dark Matter.
Category Seminar
Location: PJ, lecture hall, Fysik Origo, Fysik
Starts: 17 April, 2018, 15:00
Ends: 17 April, 2018, 16:00

Published: Fri 13 Apr 2018. Modified: Sun 15 Apr 2018