Master's thesis presentation: Axel Hallenbert

​Title: Multiscale Modelling of Large-Amplitude Fluctuations in Tokamak Edge Plasmas


For an efficient and safe operation of magnetic confinement fusion reactors reliable theoretical descriptions of the dynamic behavior of the confined plasma are required. The usually employed gyrokinetic theory, which is a suitable description of the small amplitude turbulence in the plasma core, might be expected to break down in the plasma edge, in the presence of large fluctuations and an extremely steep pressure gradient. In this thesis we explore the transition to large amplitude fluctuations. We do this by using multiscale asymptotics analysis to produce a set of equations describing large amplitude turbulent plasma fluctuations in the edge region. These equations are then shown to smoothly match onto gyrokinetics in the appropriate limits.

Name of the master programme: Physics and Astronomy
Supervisor: Ian Abel, Department of Physics, Chalmers
Examiner: Tünde Fülöp,
Department of Physics, Chalmers
Opponent: Andréas Sundström
Category Student project presentation
Location: N6115, seminar room, Fysik Origo, Fysik
Starts: 22 March, 2018, 13:30
Ends: 22 March, 2018, 14:30

Published: Mon 12 Mar 2018.