General Physics Colloquium by the Nobel Prize Laureate Takaaki Kajita​

Welcome to attend the Physics Colloquium by Takaaki Kajita, University of Tokyo​​.
Title of talk: Neutrino researches at Kamioka

About Takaaki Kajita's research
Neutrinos are elusive particles that were created at the birth of the Universe and are created today in nuclear processes, both in the Cosmos and in our laboratories, as well as in nuclear reactors.

There are three types (flavors) of known neutrinos and they comprise some of the basic building blocks of our current theory of particle physics, the Standard Model. Originally assumed to be massless, they have been shown to have a small but non-zero mass and this discovery has had profound implications on e.g. stellar structure and cosmology. 

Professor Takaaki Kajita has been leading the experiments Kamiokande and its successor, Super-Kamiokande in Japan, aimed at study, amongst other things, neutrino oscillations, that is the transmutations between neutrino flavors that is predicted to occur by virtue of them not being massless.

Awarded the Nobel prize 2015
For this groundbreaking work he, together with Professor Arthur McDonald has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize "For the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass”.
In his talk he is giving an account of the fascinating journey which led to this groundbreaking discovery.

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Image credit: Bengt Nyman/Wikimedia commons

The lecture by Professor Takaaki Kajita will be open to the public. No registration is needed.
Coffee and cake will be served in the entrance hall, (Gustaf Dalén lecture hall) before the lecture from 14.45.
Category Colloquium; Public lecture
Location: Gustaf Dalén-salen, lecture hall,
Starts: 28 November, 2018, 15:15
Ends: 28 November, 2018, 16:00

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