MC2 Operations Support

The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, MC2, is a unique research department in the areas of micro- and nanotechnology, housing more than 200 researchers and PhD students. 

The MC2 Operations Support gives support to all eight laboratories at the department:
Applied Quantum Physics (AQP), Electronics Materials and Systems (EMSL), Microwave Electronics (MEL), Nanofabrication (NFL)Photonics (PL), Quantum Device Physics (QDP), Quantum Technology (QT), Terahertz and Millimetre Wave (TML).

​Head of Administration
Ingrid Collin

​HR partner
Helena Wigeborn​

​Administration, Graduate education
Gunnel Berggren (EMSL, PL)
Linda Brånell (AQP, QT)
Annika Holtringer​​ (QDP)
Debora Perlheden (MEL, TML)

HR administration &  Guest service
Gunnel Berggren​ (EMSL, PL)
Linda Brånell (AQP, QT)
Annika Holtringer (QDP)
Debora Perlheden (MEL, TML)

​Administration, Undergraduate education

Annika Holtringer​​​
Debora Perlheden

​Archives & Records Management
Annika Holtringer​
Debora Perlheden

Industrial Relations
Cristina Andersson​


Ximena Rozo Sevilla​

​Collaboration Agreements and NDAs
Cristina Andersson

Ulf Andersson​

Communication & Web​
Robert Karlsson​
Susannah Carlsson

​Management support
Annika Holtringer

Ingrid Collin, Head of finances
Magdalena Berg​ (QDP)
Marie Nilsson​ (MEL, TML)
Pernilla Martinsson​ (EMSL, PL)

Eva Strandberg​ (AQP, QT)​

Karin Laninge

Utilization- innovation and 
entrepreneuriell support

Cristina Andersson


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