Kickoff meeting for the new Bridge center
​The new "GigaHertz ChaseOn Bridge Center" encompasses 16 partners.

Kickoff meeting for the new GigaHertz-ChaseOn Bridge center

​Starting this spring, two of Chalmers’ successful competence centres, GHz Centre and ChaseOn, join forces and become the new "GigaHertz-ChaseOn Bridge center". The new centre will bring together 16 partners to address long-term industrial needs within the antenna-, microwave and terahertz fields.
GHz Centre and ChaseOn, both operating in the field of antennas, microwaves, and THz technologies, have operated as separate competence centres for 15 years, with Vinnova funding. For the last five years the two centers have been working together, encompassing 26 partners jointly, representing Sweden’s largest academic-industrial collaboration in the field.
The global trends towards more interdisciplinary research and increased innovation opportunities for industries created the vision of a merged consortium, and as Vinnova funding expired in 2021 the two years centre Bridge was formed.

Adress long-term industrial needs

The new centre will be led by professors Marianna Ivashina, head of the Antenna systems research group at the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Christian Fager, head of the Microwave Electronics Laboratory at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience.

“The primary objective of this centre is to bring together researchers from antenna-, microwave/THz- and digital disciplines to address long-term industrial needs and prepare for possible new centres with public funding”, says Marianna Ivashina.
April 21 saw the kickoff meeting of the Bridge centre, held at Chalmers with researchers from the participating 16 partners of the new consortium.

“After almost 1,5 years of preparation, it was wonderful to see the energy and lively interaction between industry and academia during the centre kickoff meeting! The centre day gave us further evidence of the strong community in wireless technology research that we have at Chalmers and in Sweden”, says Christian Fager.

Second picture: Discussions during the day.
Third picture: Directors of the Centre Christian Fager, at the left, and Marianna Ivashina, at the right, with Maria Wargelius, Ericsson, who is Chair of the Steering Board of Bridge. "‘Such a centre is very important for industries, and it is my honor to support Chalmers in its operation", she says.
Fourth picture: Thomas Eriksson, Vice Head of Department of Electrical Engineering, was one of many presenters.


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Text: Robert Karlsson
Photo: Marianna Ivashina

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