"This award means a lot to me"

​Congratulations to Han Zhou, PhD student at Microwave Electronics Laboratory, who was awarded the Young Engineer Prize at the 25th European Microwave Week, Milan, Italy.
We start off with a classic question: How does this feel?
"I feel very grateful for winning the EuMC Young Engineer Prize at the 25th European Microwave Week, Milan, Italy. This is the second time this prize goes to Sweden. This paper was also nominated as the finalist for the EuMC Microwave Prize. And this award means a lot to me because it is a reward for all the hard work myself and my supervisors put into the project of researching energy-efficient hardware solutions for future communication systems."

What is this article about?
"The 5G-and-beyond communication systems have changed people’s daily life and pushing for a more digitalized and connected world. However, the energy consumption of the communication systems results in a large operational cost, and an environmental impact on our world. In a communication system, the power amplifier is the most critical and power-hungry component that governs many performances aspect of the system hardware. Over the years, researchers have been continuously researching energy-efficient power amplifier architectures. In this article, we proposed a novel power amplifier architecture, called sequential circulator load modulated amplifier (SCLMA). Our proposed power amplifier architecture is very broadband and highly efficient, which is a promising candidate for future wireless communication systems."
Why do you think this particular article got you the award?
"The assessment to obtain this award is based on the content of the paper and the presentation. I think the novelty of this paper stands out when compared to other papers. Besides, I made a thorough presentation by introducing and presenting our previous work, the motivation and idea generation process of this work, and our future research directions."

What is your research about?
"My research is focused on highly efficient, wideband, and linear power amplifier architectures for future wireless transmitters. My research interest also includes the design of RF and mmWave integrated circuits in silicon and III-V process."

Anything more you’d like to add, regarding the prize and your research?
"I received an Ericsson research scholarship to do a 6-month research visit at ETH Zurich this year. This visit helps us to strengthen our research collaboration and connection with Professor Hua Wang’s integrated devices, electronics, and systems (IDEAS) group from ETH. Special thanks to my supervisor Professor Christian Fager, to Professor Hua and IDEAS group members who hosted me, and thanks to Ericsson research for making this exchange possible."


Han Zhou
PhD Student, Microwave Electronics Laboratory

Text: Robert Karlsson
Photo: Han Zhou

Page manager Published: Mon 17 Oct 2022.