The cleanroom dance project in P1 Kultur

Kerstin Hamilton talked about her cleanroom dance project and the film "Zero Point Energy" in a very interesting interview in P1 Kultur on 3 March.

"This is an extremely clean laboratory environment where research on a nanometre scale is conducted. It requires very special circumstances, you get to have protecting clothes on and to move your body in very special ways, so to not stir up particles", explains Kerstin Hamilton.
As you may recall the Nanofabrication Laboratory at MC2 served as the stage for an exciting dance project last autumn.
"For me, as a photographer, it was very exciting and  attractive that there are worlds so small that the only way to meet them is via representation", Kerstin Hamilton says.
To her it was crucial that the participating dancers also were researchers with experience and respect for the sensitive environment.
"Their understanding and respect for the equipment, the room and the nanoparticles made the coreography fall into place", Kerstin Hamilton says in P1 Kultur.
The cleanroom dance was part of the Nanosamhällen (Nano Societies) project that choreographer Anna Asplind conducted together with Jonas Hannestad, an artist and PhD in Physical Chemistry, and photographic artist Kerstin Hamilton. The project will lead to a film (Zero Point Energy), book and exhibition. The film is a part of the large exhibition "The new human: Knock, knock, is anyone home?" and can now be seen at Moderna Museet in Malmö until 4 September.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Kerstin Hamilton

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Page manager Published: Tue 22 Mar 2016.